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Why are Saudi Dates Always Wrong? According to Saudi Ummal-Qura calendar makers, Saudi dates were “calculated” by the following criteria: Umm al-Qura Calendar Before 1420 AH: For years up to the end of 1419 AH (16 April 1999) Saudi Arabia used a lunar calendar developed at the King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST) in


The following slideshow deals with almost all the topics you wish to learn about a calculated calendar based on the moon’s visibility. You may download the entire slideshow by clicking below or the entire slideshow is viewable through this page.        


Where Do We Differ and Why?                                                       Omar Afzal, Ph.D.   The Qur’an specifically mentions a ‘visible crescent’ (Ahilla) as “Mawaqeet” for determining the beginning lunar Islamic month (2:189). All agree that the Hadith :”Do not fast unless you see it…” (Bukhari, etc.) is how the Messenger (S) put this Qur’anic injunction into practice.   All


Moon’s Earliest Visibility                                                       Adopted from Monzur Ahmed   “The computation of the appearance of the new crescent is a very long and difficult procedure.” Al-Biruni (973-1048 CE) Since ancient times, astronomers have tried to predict the likelihood of seeing the new moon by defining minimum visibility criteria. Monzur’s MoonCalc currently supports 13 such criteria.


Ummal-Qura Special Rules Saudi Arabia’s Ummal-Qura calendar doesn’t rely on a visual sighting of the crescent moon to fix the start of a new Islamic month. Since several decades Saudi Arabia and most neighboring Middle Eastern states, including Egypt, have employed a lunar calendar that systematically begins each Islamic calendar month one or two days


Standardizing the Islamic Lunar Calendar Recent attempts to standardize the Islamic lunar calendar (Washington Post: Aug. 11, 2006) is not something new. For the last fifty or so years several attempts have been made especially by Saudi calendar-makers and Muslim scientist like Dr. SK Abdali and Dr. M. Ilyas (Malaysia) without much success. Muslim holy


Why do we need a large number of witnesses from a Town? In old days, Muslim Qadis from Morocco to Yemen and Central Asia and Afghanistan to Bangladesh had to announce “official” dates. They determined the ‘reasonable’ number of witnesses to establish the beginning of Ramadan and for Eidain dates. Please keep in mind that


CFCO  Alert                                                  Fixed Dates of Ramadan and Eidain 2006 ISNA Fiqh Council Decides to Ignore Qur’an and Sunnah ISNA Fiqh Council in 10 June 2006 meeting has unanimously decided to ignore the Qur’an and the Sunnah in order to impose Saudi dates on the Muslims in the US and Canada based on the New Moon in


ISNA’s New Fixed Calendar Fallacies We wonder what kind of Fuqaha are the members of ISNA FC? Do they understand the basics of Islamic lunar-calendar-making? ISNA’s “Brief Explanation” (copied at the end) claims: 1. Conjunction before 12:00 Noon GMT… new moon visible somewhere on the globe before the end of the night in N. America.


From Valparaiso, FL tonight (March 19, 2007) the new Hilal was only visible with optical aid, not with the naked eye, despite patchy clouds on the western horizon.  Sighting was at 19:17 CDT using Nikon OceanPro 7×50 7.2° CF WP compass binoculars.  It was almost directly over where the sun had set, about 270°, and