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Eid al-Adha
Moonsighting FAQ
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Why Confusion

The sighting of Ramadan Hilal in N. America was claimed from Houston, Frisco, McDonald Obs City, TX, Loma Linda, CA, etc. in the evening of Sunday, July 31, 2011. It was not seen in Miami, Fl, Brownsville, TX, Kingman, AZ etc. where the sighting chances were better.

In fairness, those who take N. America as one Matla were informed to fast Ramadan from Monday.
Those who follow the Qura;an (2:189), the practice of the Prophet (PBUH), and the consensus of Fiqh schools for "Local sighting" will start fasting from Tuesday, August 2.

Global Observation Results 31 July 2011

Australia, Brunei, Jordan, Lebanon, Malaysia, Nigeria, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, UK, etc.

- Qatar: Mr. Odeh, Doha City: Sky was clear, but the crescent was not seen by naked eye, binocular, or a telescope though CCD imaging showed it (during daytime).
- Saudi Arabia : Not Seen: from Riyadh: the sky was clear, the crescent was not seen as it was only (4) degrees above horizon at sunset. It was not seen by any optical aid. "

UK started Ramadan by Saudi date and also by sighting reports from South Africa.

Not Seen: Florida or anywhere else from New York to San Francisco.
- US. Loma Linda CA (binocular only), Houston and Frisco, TX. Dr. John Caldwell "a bit hazy, but was reasonably easy."

OFFICIAL First Day 01 August 2011
1. Jordan 2. Oman 3. Saudi Arabia 4. South Africa 5. United Kingdom 6. United States
7. Algeria 8. Bahrain 9. Egypt 10. Indonesia 11. Iraq 12. Jordan
13. Kenya 14. Kuwait 15. Lebanon 16. Libya 17. Malaysia 18. Nigeria
19. Palestine 20. Qatar 21. Saudi Arabia 22. Sudan 23. Syria 24. Tanzania
25. Thailand 26. U A E 27. Yemen 23 (Pakistan (only Sarhad area)

02 August 2011
Australia, Brunei, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, India , Pakistan (Official), Morocco, UK, USA


News Alert

The Muslims have yet to decide what is a day, date, and how many days in an Islamic month. For decades, the Muslim "experts" have hotly debated:

1. When an Islamic month begins? Is it by:
a) A sighted Hilal?
(Now very few care, though the Qur'an and Hadith both require a Hilal to start the month)
b) By Calculation:
    1. When moon's Angle is 12+ degrees (Old Babylonian/RGO criterion)
    2. When its altitude is 10+ degrees (Old RGO)
    3. When the moon sets after the sun (1999- Saudi/Egyptian criterion) (ISNA, European Fatwa Council,etc.)

c) By 2.5 (Indonesia) or 4 decree (Turkey) altitude.
d) New RGO criterion (also used by, and others)
e) Age (Old Dr. Durrani criterion of 12+ hours)
f) Visible somewhere in Caribbean (Chicago and NYC Shariah Boards)
g) First seen anywhere in the world)
h) Odeh: CCD image
i) etc.

Ramadan 2011

Let us find why a moon will NOT be seen on July 31, 2011 in N. America:

Makkah         Age 21hr    18 min (But Altitude: 5.8 degrees,         lag 26 minutes)
Morocco           24           48               4.3                                         21
Washington      29          42                4.3                                         23
Chicago           30          30                 3.6                                         20
Miami               29          24                 8.0                                         36
LA                     32          12                 6.6                                         32

Eid al-Fitr 2011

Why will we not see a Hilal on August 29, 2011?
Makkah     12h 36min.         Altitude 1.1         Angle 8.8         Lag 5 min.

Morocco      15h     54                       0.2             10.5                 1
Miami           20h     36                     3.5             13.0                 16
LA                 23h.    18                     2.5             14.4                 14

If the Muslims in N. America follow the Quran and Hadith/Fiqh
then they will start Ramadan on August 2 (Tuesday) and
celebrate Eid al-Fitr on Wed. Aug. 31, 2011