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August 2014






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Eid al-Fitr on Tuesday July 29, 2014

Urgent News
Eid 2014 Greetings.
Global Sighting Fiasco
What is a Global sighting?
Where was this Global Moon FIRST seen?
From where did this Global first date of Shawwaal start? and End?

The earth is a GLOBE - a physical reality. Global sighting is a myth created by dumb Muslims to accommodate Saudi/ISNA/WHIMSICAL dates of Islamic observances.
It REJECTS an authentic Hadith:
La tasuumu ... wa la tuftiru... (Bukhari) and goes against a consistent practice of the Ummah for the last 1400+years.
Did the Prophet (PBUH) practice a GLOBAL sighting? etc.
You cannot make a calendar by GLOBAL sighting (whatever it means) as the earliest sighting begins from a different location on earth, every month, and forces 4-5 parallel lunar calendar dates (from the First Seen dates in various regions, even when one ignores cloudy/hazy days), etc.
Besides, a lunar visibility calendar makes every lunar month simultaneously of 29 days for some areas and 30 days for others.
Unfortunately, the Muslims NEVER seriously considered the commonly known/established calendar-making rules. We are HAPPY with the present chaotic practices (though the famous Hadith of Kuraib (RA): 30 days of Ramadan in Syria and 29 Days in Medina (by the actual sighting) hit them in face very early.
Any person with an elementary knowledge of calendar-making practices will laugh at those who fool themselves and NAIVE Muslims with "global" sighting idea.
Why did the human cultures fix their lunar dates from a reference point (Jerusalem for the Jews, .... by Babylonians, Ujjain by the Hindus, .... by Iranians, ..... for Chinese, .... for Mayans, etc.

Finally, the present SOLAR calendar with Fixed number of days counted from  the FIXED Intl. Dateline evolved in 19th century.

It is not that the Muslim experts were NOT AWARE of these FACTS (Abdali, Ilyas, Afzal, etc.). They just simply relish to CLOSE their eyes despite attending dozens of LUNAR Hijri calendar conferences.
With best wishes for a joyous Eid al-Fitr to all of you, irrespective of when did you celebrate it (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday) depending on your location on the globe and your preferred count of days in a Islamic month.




In N. America, Eid al-Fitr is expected on  July 29 (Tuesday) after Shawwal moon is SEEN in the evening of Monday, July 28.  
July 27, 2014 (Sunday evening) Shawwaal moon is below the horizon in N. America and most of the world (except southern Argentine and Chile, etc.)
July 28: Eid moon will be easily seen in the evening of Monday, July 28 in most of the world. Eid date is Tuesday, July 29 for N. America (and July 30 in Northern regions of the globe)

Celebrating Eid on July 27 or July 28, 2014 means MISSING the last day(s) of Ramadan obligatory fast.
Ramadan 2014 (Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, June 27-29)
Ramadan started on three days in various regions of the world.
Ramadan Hilal was NOT seen in N. America (and in Makka Mukarrama)in the evening of June 27, 2014. However, many Muslims in N. America started fasting from June 27, on ISNA's fixed date of Ramadan.
Saudi Arabia started Ramadan from Sunday, June 29. Majority of the Muslim Ummah living in South Asian countries started Ramadan Monday June 30, 2014 after they saw the moon in the evening of June 29.
 Obviously, ISNA Fiqh Council does NOT CARE about what the Qur'an and Sunnah tell the Muslims how the fix Ramadan and Eaidain dates.
ISNA Fiqh Council says moon-sighting is NOT required.