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Why do we need a large number of witnesses from a Town? In old days, Muslim Qadis from Morocco to Yemen and Central Asia and Afghanistan to Bangladesh had to announce “official” dates. They determined the ‘reasonable’ number of witnesses to establish the beginning of Ramadan and for Eidain dates. Please keep in mind that


CFCO  Alert                                                  Fixed Dates of Ramadan and Eidain 2006 ISNA Fiqh Council Decides to Ignore Qur’an and Sunnah ISNA Fiqh Council in 10 June 2006 meeting has unanimously decided to ignore the Qur’an and the Sunnah in order to impose Saudi dates on the Muslims in the US and Canada based on the New Moon in


ISNA’s New Fixed Calendar Fallacies We wonder what kind of Fuqaha are the members of ISNA FC? Do they understand the basics of Islamic lunar-calendar-making? ISNA’s “Brief Explanation” (copied at the end) claims: 1. Conjunction before 12:00 Noon GMT… new moon visible somewhere on the globe before the end of the night in N. America.


From Valparaiso, FL tonight (March 19, 2007) the new Hilal was only visible with optical aid, not with the naked eye, despite patchy clouds on the western horizon.  Sighting was at 19:17 CDT using Nikon OceanPro 7×50 7.2° CF WP compass binoculars.  It was almost directly over where the sun had set, about 270°, and

why Confusion

Why are Muslim Dates in a Mess? Muslims around the world started Ramadan 2005 on four solar days/dates (instead of one lunar day/date). 1. Monday: Nigeria (some Sunday also) 2. Tuesday: Saudi Arabia, Egypt (Most of Middle East, and followers of Saudi dates) 3. Wednesday: Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Turkey, Africa, Europe and Americas 4.


Here is a diagram of how many days the moon takes to become a New Moon. After it becomes a New Moon it takes at least a day to become generally visible as a Hilal. This is a picture of the moon’s phases during a lunar month


Why is Hilal Confusing? What is a Hilal? Hilal, an Arabic term, refers to the bright waxing crescent when it becomes visible to a normal observer by naked-eye. What is a New Moon? The New Moon is a modern astronomical term. It refers to the completely invisible moon at the start of a synodic cycle

The Committee For Crescent Observation Intl. (CFCO)

We are “The Committee for Crescent Observation Intl. (CFCO)”. We are focused on a computable “global Islamic calendar” based on the earliest “lunar visibility” as stated in the Qur’an, and Sunnah, and practiced by the Ummah for the last 1400 years. We started functioning in 1978. MSA (now ISNA’s) 1978 decision to fix Ramadan and


Year 1433 (2012)   Ramadan 1433   (Saturday, July 20, 2012) Ramadan Hilal will be easily seen insha-Allah in the evening of July 20, 2012 in southern USA from Miami Fl, Houston TX, Phoenix AZ, Los Angeles CA, San Diego CA, to San Francisco CA and surrounding areas. In the rest of the US and all of Canada


Eid al-Adha is on the 10th day of D. Hijja by the sighted moon The Qur’an affirms “Ahilla” (the crescent moons) as the “Mawaqeet” for all Islamic dates and for the Hajj. (2:189) The Messeneger (S) obligated the Muslims to pray Eid al-Adha on the 10th of D. Hijja (wherever they are on that day),