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Why Confusion

News item 1:     Muharram 1435 started on Tuesday, Nov. 5, 2013 following the crescent moon of Muharram
was confirmed sighted from Indonesia and Sri Lanka in the evening of Monday.

News Item2: The global visibility of Safar crescent moon is most likely from Virgin Islands (mid-Atlantic Ocean)
The Hilal of Safar may be visible from Eastern USA (Washington DC ) in the evening of  Monday, Dec, 4.
 ISNA's Quandary,

ISNA follows Saudi dates for Ramadan and Eidain in N. America. What about the rest of the Year?
Saudi Ummal Qura date for Muharram was Nov. 4, 2013. But it was changed to Nov. 5. ISNA Fqih
Council says that the Qur'an's Ahilla (2:189) and the Muslim practice of observing the earliest Hilal
to begin their Islamic month is vacuous and a source of great confusion. Therefore, follow thee calculation.
It is an undeniable fact that the earliest visibility of a Hilal cannot be predicted accurately.

Lunar calendar-making must take into consideration:
a)    The Qur’an’s statement : Ahilla are the Mawaaqeet (2:189):
(the crescent moons determine the beginning/end of a lunar month)
b)    Ahadith require the Muslims to physically observe the AHILLA (waxing crescent moons)
If in the 29th evening; it is not seen then we must complete  the month to 30 days.
Man's landing on the moon has nothing to do with making a lunar calendar.
Calculating the conjunction (the solar New Moon) or a solar eclipse, etc. does not mean we can
calculate the Islamic Hijri dates, months, years, etc. as the lunar Synodical month is 29 days 12 hours
44 min. 02.9 seconds for this century. An Islamic month is 29 or 30 days.


For fixing the day/date of an Islamic observance (Ramadan, Eidain, etc.) the Muslims should be able to calculate
a) "Ahilla" (waxing crescent moons);
b) From a FIXED lunar dateline (not a revolving one);
c) Months of Fixed number of days (29 or 30 in each, not fractional 27 1/2- 29 1/2 days), etc.
NO computer program calculates the Hilal - the exact beginning/end of an Islamic month.

Eclipse ?
Dr. Qaradawi like many others also mistook the SOLAR ECLIPSE to begin/end an Islamic month.

Solar Eclipse does not occur every month; it is LOCAL; not visible universally; may occur at all times of the day, etc.
Therefore, a lunar Eclipse cannot begin the Islamic date.

4. The Jewish calendar-makers calculated the New Moon (Conjunction) at Jerusalem or the NM ... hours after Jerusalem (dateline).
To fulfill the lunar visibility requirement they decided to
observe their religious festivals on two consecutive dates.

 5. European Fatwa Council/ISNA Fiqh Council or their lunar experts, including / Ummal-Qura,etc. CANNOT CALCULATE
exactly when and where the new Islamic date/month/year starts every month/year.

(This is the same as with the Jewish calendar. The Jewish calendar Committee (Sanhedrin) decided some 25+ hundreds ago to
Jewish dates from the NM at Jerusalem, and celebrate each religious observance on two consecutive  dates
(except Yom Kippur which is ADJUSTED every year), etc.

 Can the Muslims if they like do the same (Eidain, etc. on two consecutive dates, one by the NM (in Makkka or …and the other,
next day when a Hilal is ASSUMED VISIBLE)?

If the Muslims  INSIST on the SIGHTED MOON (locally, or at Makka, anywhere in the world) the Islamic dates WILL REMAIN FLUID.