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Hijri 1431






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Islamic Hijri Calendar 1431 (2010)

(For N. America only, based on moon’s visibility somewhere in the USA)

Islamic month

1st on Solar date

Sighted USA

New Moon

Earliest Visibility

ISNA/Saudi date

India/Pak    Bangladesh

Muharram   1431

Dec. 18  (Fri) 2009

Dec. 17   2009

Dec. 16   12:03 UT

Southern Pacific      SW of Indonesia

Dec. 18 (Fri) 2009

Dec. 19 (Sat)

Safar    1431

Jan. 17 (Sun) 2010

Jan. 16    2009

Jan. 15 07:12)

Pacific, S. West of Hawaii

Jan. 16 (Sat) 2009

Jan. 17 (Sun)

Rabi I

Feb. 16 (Tue) 2010

Feb. 15 (Mon)

Feb. 14   02:52

N. Pacific, South of Alaska

Feb. 15 (Mon)

Feb. 16 (Tue)

Rabi II

Mar. 17 (Wed)

Mar. 16 (Tue)

Mar. 15 21:02

Central Europe        N. West of Istanbul

March 17 (Wed)

March 18 (Thu)

Jumada I

Apr. 16   (Fri)

April 15 (Thu)

Apr. 14 12:30

Pacific, North of Philippines

April 15 (Thu)

April 16 (Fri)

Jumada II

May 15   (Sat)

May 14 (Fri)

May 14 01:05

East of St. John’s (Canada)

May 15   (Sat)

May 16 (Sun)


June 14 (Mon)

June 13     (Sun)

June 12 11:16

N. Atlantic East of Guam

June 13 (Sun)

June 14 (Mon)


July 13  (Tue)

July 12 (Mon)

July 11 19:42

Indian Ocean South West of Sri Lanka

July 13  (Tue)

July 14 (Wed)


Aug. 12 (Thu)

Aug. 11 (Wed)

Aug.10 03:09

Brazil, West of       Rio

Aug. 11 (Wed)

Aug. 12       (Thu)


Sep. 10    (Fri)

Sep. 9 (Thu)

Sep. 8 10:30

Samoa                      Fiji Island

Sep. 10     (Fri)

Sep. 11  (Sat)

D. Q’ada

Oct. 9      (Sat)

Oct. 8  (Fri)

Oct. 7 18:45

Indian Ocean South of Mauritius

Oct. 9     (Sat)

Oct. 10 (Sun)

D. Hijja 1431

Nov. 8 ((Mon)

Nov. 7 (Sun)

Nov. 6 04:52

South Atlantic East of Falkland

Nov. 7  (Sun)

Nov. 9 (Mon)

Muharram 1432

Dec. 7    (Tue)

Dec. 6 (Mon)

Dec. 5 17:36

South Pacific   West of S. Chile

Dec. 7   (Tue)

Dec. 7  (Tue)

** ISNA/Saudi dates are based on “Moon sets after sunset” in Makkah on the New Moon date;  A sighting is  NOT POSSIBLE in S. Arabia the previous evening 

Ramadan 1431 (2010): August 12 (Thursday

In N. America, Ramadan may begin on Thursday, 12 August 2010 though the sighting is not possible anywhere in Canada. Naked-eye visibility is limited to Southern half of the USA from Florida, Texas, and Arizona to California.

Australia, South and Southeast Asia, and Makkah will also see Ramadan moon on August 11 to start fasting on August 12, Thursday. In the rest of the Muslim world and Europe including UK Ramadan will insha-Allah start on Friday August 13)    Saudi date: August 11

Eid al-Fitr 1431 (2010): September10                       (Friday)

In the USA and Canada, Eid al-Fitr is on September 10. On Sep. 9 (Thu) Shawwal moon’s visibility is likely only in Miami and Houston area. The Moon’s altitude in USA is around 7 degrees or less at sunset.


Most regions in southern hemisphere from Australia to South America will have Eid on Sep. 10 (Friday). In Muslim countries Hilal will be visible on Sep. 11 evening and Eid on Sep.11 or Sep. 12.    Saudi Eid date: September. 10 

 (On Sep. 9, a 29 hours old moon will not be visible in Makkah or Cairo because of low altitude

Eid al-Adha 1431: November 17                 (Wednesday)

In the USA, Eid al-Adha will be Insha-Allah on Wednesday, November 17 after the DH Hilal is seen on Nov.7. Makkah as well S. Africa, and S. America will also see a Hilal on November 7.

In the rest of the world, D. Hijja moon will be visible on Nov. 8, and not on Nov. 7,  making Nov. 18 Thursday the day of Eid al-Adha.

Saudi Hajj date: November 15                   (Monday)

For most reliable information please check: or  call: 607-277-6706 USA

The Committee for Crescent Observation Intl.