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Undoubtedly, bitcoin trading is the hottest trading market right now. We can go further and say it is hotter than the stock trading, oil trading and gold trading. Experts predict that Bitcoin Trading will continue to be the hottest market due to the blockchain technology and the huge benefits it promises. Off late, we hear abouttonnes of cryptocurrency trading strategies that assureto make you rich. Everyone wants their piece of the pie. Click here to investigatemore about BTC trading.

The first and foremost thing is to open a bitcoin wallet. If you don’t have a wallet yet, consider opening one at the biggest wallet, Coinbase.Cryptocurrency trading is a form of still trading and it is speculative in nature. So there is a possibility that you lose money and your capital could be at risk while trading cryptocurrency.So it is always recommended to perform a demo trade before risking the live money. It is necessary to have a solid plan inthe base before you buy bitcoins.

Cryptocurrency exchanges:

There are so many different bitcoin exchanges available across the globe which makes it feasible for traders to buy and sell bitcoins with ease. A lot of factors like home country preferred mode of payment, liquidity, fees and so on should be taken into account while finding the best bitcoin exchange. Check some of the top cryptocurrency exchanges.

Coinbase:It is the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange that operates in countries like the US, Canada,and many European countries.

Finance: It is the second largest in the world that trades over 130 different countries and takes a low transaction fee.

Bitmex: It is exclusive of BTC exchange, and it is good for short selling and margin trade.

and much more are there.

Bitcoin Vs Fiat currency:

A cryptocurrency is no different from the actual fiat currency. The BTC and other similar digital currencies have no intrinsic value. They are simply bits of data, while the fiat currencies being bits of paper. Fiat currencies are printed, issued and controlled by the Government, whereas the cryptocurrencies have no central bank to control them. When a lot of fiat money is printed, inflation goes up, making the currency value go down. In contrary, the BTC supply is limited, which makes it less prone to inflation. Who knows, the BTC may surpass the fiat currencies in a decade, making cashless economy possible.