Virtual classrooms

From ancient times knowledge has been imparted in different ways at different times and in different places. Initially, it was more face to face and completely oral and then over a period of time initial classrooms started to take shape. These were places where a learned person or a master would talk about different things and the students could learn and absorb what was important to them.  Depending on the class of the students, they were taught subjects which were relevant to them. Royal family members would be taught different skills required as a ruler. Business family members would be taught about different aspects of the business. People generally stuck to the profession of their forefathers and continued with the tradition.

These divisions started to break and people started to study subjects which interested them. This created a society where excellence began to be appreciated. Slowly even this kind of learning has become a bit too structured. Students can choose certain subjects but mostly they end up learning subjects which they may not have much interest in and will probably not use later in life. Thankfully with the advent of computers and the internet, things have changed a lot.

Education and knowledge are not confined to classrooms anymore. More and more people are discovering the joys of learning without any barriers. It gives you the freedom to choose the subject of your choice. You can learn while sitting in your house and at any time of your convenience. There are many websites which provide a wide array of subject choices and are very flexibly scheduled. So many people have already benefited from online learning. People of any and every age group can participate and learn. You could be a working professional or someone looking for a career change, you could be a stay at home mother or a grandmother, it does not matter. If you want to learn some new skills or languages or add to your knowledge in your free time then this could be the best option.

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